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CATEGORY: Extrusion Screws

Extrusion Screws

Jinhua Machinery brand extrusion screws enable you to maximize extrusion throughput, product quality and component life.

Nano™ Mixer

Jinhua Machinery® Nano™ Mixer combines very intensive dispersionary mixing of colorants, fillers and additives with excellent temperature control.

Jinhua Machinery Stratablend® II Mixer

Jinhua Machinery Stratablend® II Mixer can help you meet your quality and productivity goals.

Fusion™ Design Barrier Screws

The patented Jinhua Machinery Fusion™ screw allows you to increase production and improve product quality in injection molding and extrusion process applications.

X8000™ Encapsulated Screws

X8000™ is a thermal spray coating applied to the screw.This material complements Jinhua Machinery’s high abrasive resistant X830 overlay and is well suited for processing highly filled or corrosive resin

Twin Screws

Jinhua Machinery Twin Screws

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