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CATEGORY: Injection Screws

Injection Molding Screws

Jinhua Machinery injection molding screws can enable you to cut molding cycles and improve part quality with lower melt temperature, faster screw recovery and improved dispersion of color, ...

Easy Melt Injection Screws

EasyMelt™ combines the simplicity and economy of a conventional three-zone screw with the productivity and quality benefits of optimum material feeding, melting and metering.

MeltPro™ Barrier Screw

The Jinhua Machinery MeltPro™ Barrier Screw is the building block of high performance barrier screw designs with tailorable properties to process crystalline and amorphous resins.

ELCee® Screw

The Jinhua Machinery ELCee® Screw offers reduced screw recovery time, resulting in faster cycles and reduced quality problems related to melt over shearing.

Pulsar® Mixing Screw

The Jinhua Machinery Pulsar® Mixing Screw offers a conventional style screw design with superior distributive mixing qualities. The turbulent reorientation of melt stream improves part uniformity.

Pulsar® II Mixing Screw

TheJinhua Machinery Pulsar® II Mixing Screw offers a combination mixing screw design with good distributive and dispersive qualities.

V-Mixer™ Screw

The Jinhua Machinery V-Mixer™ Screw offers a patented "pump-through" mixing design that generates localized high and low shear areas with low mixer pressure drop.

Z-Mixer™ Screw

The Jinhua Machinery Z-Mixer™ Screw is the best dispersive mixing screw in the industry.

Fusion™ II Screws

The Jinhua Machinery Fusion™ II Screw delivers enhanced chaotic mixing while retaining the productivity benefits of faster plastication and lower melt temperature.

X8000™ Encapsulated Screws

X8000™ is a thermal spray coating applied to the screw.This material complements Jinhua Machinery’s high abrasive resistant X830 overlay and is well suited for processing highly filled or corrosive resin

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