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The production of quality tubing products is your business.

In today’s competitive market, making a superior extruded tubing product at maximum productivity levels and the lowest possible cost is paramount in growing your business, increasing profits and meeting your overall business objectives.

Jinhua Machinery has over 82 years of experience engineering innovative solutions that specifically enhance the extrusion process. Jinhua Machinery manufactures the most technologically advanced barrels, screws, screen changers and gear pumps that are designed specifically to optimize tubing production.

Whether it is designing single components or integrating elaborate systems, Jinhua Machinery has the ability to provide engineered solutions that take your process to its maximum level of performance.

Markets & End Products Typical Polymers
Aerospace/Aircraft ABS
Agriculture BioPlastics
Automotive products CPVC
Conduit HDPE
Construction Nylon
Consumer PEX
Corrugated PMMA
Fuel Gas PP
Industrial PS
Marine PVB
Medical Xaloy
Mining PVC
Municipal TPO
Potable Water TPU
Power Utilities Xaloy
Sewer Xaloy
Single & Double Layer Xaloy
Smoothwall Xaloy
Telecommunications Xaloy