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Easy Melt Injection Screws


EasyMelt™ combines the simplicity and economy of a conventional three-zone screw with the productivity and quality benefits of optimum material feeding, melting and metering. General-purpose injection screws leave hard-to-get molding profit on the table. The Jinhua Machinery EasyMelt™ injection screw helps you recoup with screw geometry optimized for specific material(s).

Efficient melting
Thanks to its resin-tailored feed depth, compression ratio and zone lengths, EasyMelt™ delivers fully melted material to the metering zone. This avoids a major cause of intermittent short shots: partially filled flights and pressure instability in the metering zone.

On-the-money metering
Insufficient depth in the metering zone for a given material can reduce plasticating rates by 28% or more, but for some resins, too deep of a metering depth will not apply the proper amount of shear on the resin to allow for a uniform melt to be delivered to the mold. That’s why a metering depth that’s just right really pays off.

What it can do for you

  • Speed up screw recovery
  • Reduce short shots
  • Improve temperature control

Typical applications

  • Highly glass-filled materials
  • Materials with metallic powders or mica fillers
  • Shear-sensitive polymers