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EquaTherm® Rolls


Equatherm® Rolls. For ultimate performance in heat-transfer rolls, Equatherm® rolls from Jinhua Machinery have what it takes. In their unique patented construction, water flows through a stainless steel spiral with a PTFE gasket, forming a sealed flow path between the inner and outer shell. Our engineers optimize spiral size and pitch to the heat-transfer requirements of your application.

Complete repair/remanufacturing services of chill rolls for sheet, film paper coating and heat transfer applications.

Regular maintenance and/or modified finish requirements are our specialty. Combine with total in-house chrome plating and finishing equipment, Jinhua Machinery offers committed customer service and accurate delivery quotations with every request.


  • Maximum heat-transfer rate
    • Increased productivity. The heat-transfer efficiency of the Equatherm® design lets you specify your rolls for maximum line speed, minimum roll size or anywhere in between.
    • Energy savings. The efficiency of the spiral design lets you operate at minimum flow rates, reducing costs associated with heating, cooling and pumping process water.
  • Improved product quality. Uniform temperature across the roll face, ±0.5ºC (±1ºF), combats across-the-web variations in gauge, appearance etc.