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Extrusion Screws


Designs that perform.

Fusion™ Screw. New barrier screw delivers higher throughput at lower melt temperatures than earlier barrier designs. Has proven its benefits in processing polyolefins, PET, ABS and PLA in various extrusion and blow molding processes. Efficient™ Screw. This barrier screw has proven its value in more than 30 years of field experience. StrataBlend® II Mixer. Low-shear distributive mixer produces a melt of uniform temperature. It’s highly suitable for processing shear-sensitive engineering resins such as polycarbonate or ABS as well as polyolefins and materials containing high levels of colorants, fillers or glass fibers. Nano™ Mixer. Breaks up and disperses color and filler agglomerates, including nanoclays. Ideal for processing shear-tolerant materials.

OEM replacements
You can count on Jinhua Machinery for precise reproduction of geometry, materials and finish of the original components that came with your machine.

Optimizing performance
Ask us to analyze the performance of your current screw design. Chances are good that we can improve on its output, melt quality and/or melt temperature profile with one of our proprietary high-performance designs or with a screw custom-tailored to your materials and process. And we can prove that it works at our Technology Center in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Ready to meet your needs
For more information, a recommendation for the screw best suited for your process or a quotation, contact your Jinhua Machinery representative today. For additional contact information outside the U.S., visit on the Web.

L/D retrofits
Jinhua Machinery can modify any extruder to extend or shorten its L/D ratio to cope with changed process requirements. We engineer and deliver complete retrofit packages including a compatible screw and barrel suitable for your process plus heater bands, cover modifications and front barrel support modifications, as required.