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High Capacity Screen Changers


Jinhua Machinery’s line of High Capacity Screen Changers is the result of 55 years of experience, innovation and development in filtration systems. These Hydraulic Screen Changers are the standard of the industry representing a design proven in a wide variety of applications over a long period of time.



  • Optimized productivity during screen changes
  • Breaker plate design maximizes polymer flow and minimizes pressure drop
  • Leak-free operation
  • Rugged single piece body minimize deflection
  • Toleranced machined parts
  • Easily adapts to both new and existing installations
  • Bi-fold guard design allows easy access to breaker plates and ensures safe operation
  • Pre-wired to junction box for easy operator interface
  • Steam or oil heating available in place of standard electrical heating
  • Suitable for explosion proof environments - optional


Extended Area Screen Changers:

Models SPC 1200EA and 1500EA

For high capacity polymer filtration up to 60,000lbs/hour and higher, Xaloy manufactures the SPC-1200EA and 1500EA. These models utilize cylindrical screens to achieve a significantly reduced pressure drop, resulting in higher throughputs and longer on-line time between screen changes.

  • Extended area provides longer filter life
  • Reduced screen change frequency
  • More stable process
  • Lower power consumption
  • Finer filters can be utilized
  • Rapid on-line filter changes