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Injection Molding Screws


Jinhua Machinery injection molding screws can enable you to cut molding cycles and improve part quality with lower melt temperature, faster screw recovery and improved dispersion of color, additives and fillers.


EasyMelt® Screw. Multi-purpose, single flighted screw designs superior to industry standards. Designs can be modified by process for: output/recovery rate, shear, and mixing.

  • Robust design processes a wide variety of resins.
  • Economical.
  • Good for custom molding applications.


MeltPro™ Barrier Screw. High performance barrier screw to process crystalline & amorphous resins.

  • The MeltPro reduces recovery times by 10 to 20%.
  • A mixing section can be added to improve color dispersion.

ELCee® Screw. The highest performance, single flighted screw designed for precompounded resins.

  • High output provides fast cycles.
  • Great melt quality due to low shear.



Pulsar® Mixing Screw. (Patent #4,752,136) Combination mixing screw provides 3-4 times better mixing.

  • Wave style root geometry for excellent distributive & dispersive mixing.
  • Processes PET, PA, PE, LCP, PP, ABS, PC, PMMA, rigid PVC, glass filled resins.

Conversions: Up/Down-sizing
You can count on Jinhua Machinery for singlesource responsibility in adapting an injection press to cope with changed requirements for shot size, residence time or venting. We do it all – design, engineering and manufacturing – and deliver a complete retrofit package including a screw optimized for your materials, a compatible barrel and accessories such as heater bands, end cap,  and check valve.