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ELCee® Screw


The Jinhua Machinery ELCee® Screw offers reduced screw recovery time, resulting in faster cycles and reduced quality problems related to melt over shearing. Jinhua Machinery mixing sections can be added when applications require dispersive or distributive mixing. Designs can be tailored for a variety of thermoplastic applications. This is the screw choice for recovery limited injection applications utilizing pre-compounded resins.


  • Faster cycles
  • Good melt quality
  • Low shear




The ELCee® Screw can cut retraction time by up to 50%, compared to standard screws, because it melts and delivers the material for each shot faster and more efficiently than general-purpose molding screws. It can also increase yield by reducing part rejects and thermal degradation. It doesn’t overwork the material, and it cuts residence time in the barrel. Cycle time reductions achieved with the screw typically save the equivalent of 5 to 14 cents per pound in resin costs. Even larger savings are achieved in some cases.