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Pulsar® Mixing Screw


The Jinhua Machinery Pulsar® Mixing Screw offers a conventional style screw design with superior distributive mixing qualities. The turbulent reorientation of melt stream improves part uniformity.




  • All thermoplastic materials with medium compression design requirements.
  • Successful applications for injection of crystalline materials such as PET, PE, LCP, PP, etc.
  • Industry standard screw designs for amorphous materials such as ABS, PC, PMMA and rigid PVC.


  • Wider application and processing window.Better physical properties.
  • Superior cosmetic appearance.
  • Faster cycles due to reduced melt temperatures.


  • Lower melt temperature
  • No marbling.
  • Strong weld lines.
  • Less back pressure required.
  • Quick color and material changes.
  • Adaptability to various process requirements.


When compared to a singe stage, general-purpose screw with similar root goemetry, the Pulsar® screw delivers a mixing quality of 3-4 times better.

U.S. patent no. 4,752,136