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SmartHeat™ Coating


SmartHeat™ Coating. This innovative heating system for barrels, and recently introduced for melt pipes and nozzles also, replaces conventional heater bands with a highly energy-efficient non-stick coating.

The SmartHeat™ system consists of two layers of plasma-sprayed metallized ceramic with a nichrome wire wrap sandwiched in between, plus a thermal insulation cover. Because the heat from the wires is conducted throughout the ceramic material, the system raises the temperature of a machine component to target levels more quickly than with band heaters, maintains it more uniformly, and uses less energy. The tightly strapped thermal insulation wrap over the ceramic coating virtually eliminates heat losses to the workplace, saving on air conditioning costs and reducing the risk of operator injury.

SmartHeat™ offers any processor superior advantages over band heaters with significantly better process control, minimization of scrap and a maximized yield.

Siemon SmartHeat Testimonial

Siemon SmartHeat Testimonial