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Standard Gear Pumps


Extrusion Line Synchronization Made Easy. With an Jinhua Machinery pump between your extruder and die you can directly dial in gauge control, eliminating extruder surge and screw beat at the die. Extruder screws efficiently melt, mix and convey polymer, but are not as efficient at providing a consistent pressure and volume to the die. A gear pump, while not a mixing or melting device, is extremely efficient at building pressure and metering the polymer output.

The Jinhua Machinery Gear Pump is a positive displacement device which provides a linear output over a wide range of operating conditions.
A closed-loop drive control varies extruder screw speed to assure an adequate amount of polymer to the pump regardless of inlet pressure variations due to extruder surge and screw beat. Precise construction makes Jinhua Machinery Gear Pumps extremely accurate volumetric metering devices. Each gear tooth “bucket” carries a precise, repeatable amount of polymer melt to the output side of the pump.

Integrate the Systems
Put an Jinhua Machinery Screen Changer in front of the Jinhua Machinery Gear Pump and further increase the productivity of the extrusion line all from one company.

Melt Pump Options

  • Adaptors
  • Controls
  • Drive Systems
  • Stands
  • Internal Fluid Channels (Heat/Cool)
  • Manual Screen Changers
  • Slide Plate Screen Changers
  • Continuous Screen Changers
  • Static Mixers
  • Divert Valves


  • Material Savings
  • Increased Output
  • Increased Extruder Life
  • Faster Start Ups
  • Lower Processing Temperature
  • More Accurate Gauge Control
  • Reduced Scrap
  • Lower Shear Stress
  • Process Recycled Materials
  • Fast Paybacks
  • Sizes Available for all Products/Extruders