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Twinshot® Multi-Material Molding


The Twinshot® patented multi-material molding is a cost-effective process that can give you a distinct competitive advantage within your marketplace by significantly reducing part cost while improving product quality. It’s a single injection unit, multi-material system that can be easily retrofit to your current screw/barrel injection molding machine.

Available only from Jinhua Machinery, Twinshot® enables a conventional machine with a single barrel and screw to inject two materials in one operation, with one material totally enclosing the other.
This new multi-material molding techology removes the obstacles to widespread co-injection utilization while preserving all of the traditional benefits. Simplicity and low cost differentiate this innovative technology from other co-injection processes. With this new system, virtually any custom or proprietary molder can afford multi-material molding equipment.

Twinshot® Multi-Material Molding

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