JINHUA SCREW manufactures variety kinds of screw barrel including single and twins screw barrel for extruders, injection molding machines and blow molding machines. 

The Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel that are manufactured by Plastic Machinery uses nitro alloy material coupled with a special heat-treatment process. Our parallel twin screw and barrel are ideal for heat and shear-sensitive materials. We use EN41B and tungsten coating for our parallel twin screws and barrels.

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Parallel Twin Screw Barrel for PVC Extrusion Machine

PVC profile(Door & window) / WPC(PVC,PE) / PVC foam board / PVC pipe / PVC compound etc

Parallel Twin Screw Barrel

PVC extrusion twin barrel, cylinder

PVC extrusion twin screw

bimetallic parallel twin extruder screw barrel

Drop us your requirement, and we will do the rest of customizing and fabricating screw & barrel you needed!