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JINHUA SCREW manufactures variety kinds of screw barrel including single and twins screw barrel for extruders, injection molding machines and blow molding machines. 

Bimetallic Screw Barrel is one of the most demanding products of Plastic Machinery. Our team has developed this product using the international norms. For better performance of our products we prefer to have bimetallic layer hardness between 55HRC to 72HRC.
Our team ensures the quality aspect of our product by every possible mean .
We have standard as well customized source of this product to meet the requirement of different segment of people and industry need.

Your Trusted Bimetallic Screw Barrel Manufacturer

Our Most Advanced Innovations, Continuous R&D, High precision and fair price policy made us the most reliable Screw Barrel manufacturing company in China.

Bimetallic Screws and Barrels for Plastic Machinery

Wearing and corrosion are top two concerns for screw barrel people, therefore bimetallic screw barrels were born to make things better. While the cost is higher by percentage, the life time is dramatically increased by times. Therefore when the formula has additives or fillers or in not-perfect environment, bimetallic screw barrel is a better option.

Bimetallic Screw Barrel for Injeciton Molding Machine

Bimetallic Parallel Twin Screw for PVC/PE/PP Extruder

Bimetallic Blowing Extrusion Screw and Barrel

Bimetallic Plastic Extruder Screw and Barrel

Drop us your requirement, and we will do the rest of customizing and fabricating screw & barrel you needed!

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